The Two-Headed Dragon

This film presents a short episode of a joint Polish-German history, which began in 1921 with the division of Upper Silesia into two hostile States and ended with the outbreak of the World War II. As a result, Upper Silesia, in just a few years, transformed from the provincial border into the most progressive urban experiment in Europe early 1930s.

The butterfly from Raciborz

March 11th, 2011. The Fukushima nuclear plant has been damaged by tsunami causing the most expensive natural disaster in history. At 5.46 a.m. a 9.0 magnitude earthquake started in the north-western Pacific Ocean. A few minutes later this seismic wave has been recorded in Racibórz in a small wooden box from 1927.

What is the relationship between this information and the modernistic architecture of the Upper Silesia? You will get the answer on the 15th December!